Back In Vegas

NOVEMBER 13-14, 2015


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TBSE 2015 has been firmed up! “The Best Seminar Ever” will take place November 13–14, 2015 and the speaker lineup will be a non-stop flow of the best information and motivation ever seen at a dental seminar. The Madow Brothers (that’s us) will be supplying the legendary brand of entertainment and information that you have come to expect – that which no one else on the planet can duplicate!

And to make it even more unbelievable…

TBSE 2015 will be back in Las Vegas!!

Applause please!!!!

Yes, it’s true! And it gets even better! TBSE 2015 will take place at the 3200 room Westgate Resort & Casino (formerly the Las Vegas Hilton) where we negotiated a very special room rate of only $99 per night! That is NOT a misprint!

It’s $99!

From celebrity chef restaurants to fantastic shows to the world’s largest sports book – this iconic property has it all – and it’s all newly renovated and better than ever!

TBSE 2014 offered up one of the best speaker lineups in TBSE history. But guess what? We’re going to top it for 2015.  And we plan to announce it in the spring. But if you have faith in us and sign up before the 2015 speaker lineup is announced, we will reward you with a very special low tuition!

The regular price for this incredible event is $1197 per doctor and $597 per team member.  But if you sign up during this pre-announcement offer, your tuition will be…

$747 per doctor and $497 per team member!

This pre-announcement pricing will not last long and will NEVER go lower!

The Madow Brothers
Call: 1-888-88-MADOW
Fax: 1-410-526-5186

Once word gets out that we are coming back to Las Vegas on November 13th and 14th, 2015, we expect to sell out sooner than ever – so please call 1-888-88-MADOW.

Will you be there?  At this special tuition, you now have no excuse to miss it!

Please keep this in mind. You’re surely planning to do some type of continuing education this year. TBSE 2015 will be your sure bet! Even if you are uncertain, or were not necessarily planning anything yet, this will be the most important dental event of the year — you and your team need to be there with the best practices in North America!

Start planning now for TBSE 2015 – the dental experience that will last a lifetime!


Now go ahead and get signed up!

See you in Vegas!

***Breaking News***

Appearing at TBSE 2015, straight from the “Shark Tank” – the one and only Daymond John!!

Daymond’s quintessential rags-to-riches success story of sacrifice, hard work, and perseverance as well as the unique and charismatic way he communicates it, will absolutely inspire you. You have to be there when Daymond shares his unique goal setting strategies, which will empower you to make positive changes in every aspect of your life for immediate and long-term success. There is no doubt about it – “The Shark” Daymond John will reveal how you too can live your dream!